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First day…a little late

So, we have started school.  Mitchell’s first day of Kindergarten was unbelievable.  He was so excited and ready to go.  Sophie could not wait to get to Trinity to see her friends from last year and start 1st Grade.  Matthew walked them in because I had my own class to meet and greet.  It was so weird to not drop off my kiddos; the only thing that kept me going was the thought that I would get to see both of them throughout the day.  What a perfect job!  After school that day I could not wait to find out how their days were.  The three of us sat on the floor of my classroom, in what we call our “family circle”, and talked about every detail of the day.  Mitchell had a “super, super, happy, happy” day.  Sophie’s day was great.  They both ate their lunches and made new friends.  It was the best first day of school.  I remember last year when we took Sophie to Kindergarten.  I cried almost the whole day.  Then, people told me it was worse with your youngest.  I was so dreading the first day of school.  I cried a couple of times while I was getting ready in the morning just thinking about the big step for Mitchell starting Kindergarten and Sophie entering the number grades.  Then, I quickly got over it when I remembered that I had to greet my little 4th graders and their parents.  It was such a great day.  I love teaching at a Christian school…my team and I started the day in prayer.  It was so amazing to feel at peace and know that I had made the right decision to go back to teaching.  I get to go to school with my children, minister to families, teach other children and be on a staff with other teachers that love Jesus.  I have to say it again…what a perfect job!  I have loved every day so far. Although, I must admit…I am exhausted and  ready for Saturday.  J  It’s going to be a great school year for all of us!!!


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Shool is OUT!

Okay, so the kiddos have finished school.  I survived.  I actually cried when I dropped Mitchell off for his last day of Preschool.  I know, I know…Good grief, Steph!  Get a grip!  I just cannot believe how much he has grown this year.  He used to hold on to my pant legs at the beginning of the year, and I felt like I must be the worst mother in the world practically shoving him into his room.  He was not a fan of school until about November when he realized 1. I did come back to get him 2. They don’t take naps and 3. He actually was having fun.  Towards the end of the year when I would pick him up, he didn’t want to leave!  Talk about a change!  Now, he walks right into the classroom, blows me a kiss, I blow him a kiss, we “catch” each others’ kisses and I go about my day.  Wow, he’s growing up…all way too fast for me.  Then, there’s Sophie.  She’s all finished with Kindergarten.  She thinks she is so BIG.  Her last day of school she practically jumped out of bed…which never happens by the way… and ran downstairs to eat breakfast.  She did everything really fast all morning. I told her we were not running late.  Her response, I know…     I ‘m ready to get to first grade.  Slow down, my sweet Sophie.  First grade will be here soon enough.  I can’t believe how much she has learned this year.  One thing special they did in their class was to have a friendship book.  Each child had to write a page in Sophie’s book about what they liked about Sophie, and of course Sophie had to write in everyone else’s book what she liked about them.  Her teacher wrote in everyone’s book as well.  In Sophie’s book she wrote one of the things she loved about Sophie was that she loves Jesus.  I pray that Sophie will always love Jesus the way she loves Him now.  (By the way…I shed a tear…or a few…when I dropped her off on her last day, too.  I know, I know…)

I can’t believe the school year has finished, and summer is here.  YAY!

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The past two weekends

The past two weekends have been pretty busy for us here at the Goforth casa.  I am just going to list…”in no particular order” as they say at the awards shows some the things we have done.

  • Sophie had her first ballet recital for Ballet Lubbock.  She had previous recitals in Amarillo, but this was her first in Lubbock.  The venue was larger, and both sets of grandparents were in attendance.  It was Mother’s Day weekend, and it was very special.  She loves to dance.  She practiced a lot at home the week leading up to the recital, and she could hardly wait for the actual recital.  Her part of the recital was really short, but it was still as sweet as could be, and I LOVED every second of it! 
  • We we able to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with my mom, and Matthew’s mom was here on the actual day.  We celebrated Mother’s Day by just spending time as a family.  When my mom was here on Saturday, she made a potato casserole for me, and Charlotte had ordered a ham for everyone.  So, on Mother’s Day all I had to do was heat everything up, and ENJOY!  We all had a great day!  Thanks to my mom and my mil for everything!
  • This past Saturday, the kids (and Matthew) participated in a tennis clinic at Lakeridge with a tennis guy named Luke Jensen.  He is a famous tennis player who won the French Open and some other stuff during his career.  He now coaches at Syracuse.  The kids had an absolute blast.  They won prizes.  Sophie will tell you she won a dress, when in fact it is just a really, really big t-shirt!  🙂  They slept in their shirts that they won last night.  They also got to talk to Mr. Jensen.  Matthew did the adult clinic, and the kids cheered him on.  They were so tired when we left late in the afternoon.  They slept wee Saturday night!
  • Also on Saturday, Sophie had her last soccer game of the season.  She got her trophy, so she was thrilled!  It has a little soccer ball at the top that spins.  So fun!  I should have some pictures of these events on the Flickr sometime…I don’t know when….but SOON!
  • Mitchell is getting to be almost expert at both tennis and bowling on the Wii.  Sophie likes the golf.  I think we need to get us another controller and some more games.  Although, did you know you can check out the games from the library?  You can!  That means they are free!  We checked out Winter Sports 2008.  Ice Skating is not my favorite I’ll tell you that much!  I am getting pretty good at Cross-Country skiing!  YAY!
  • The school year is winding down which means end of the year parties!  Mitchell’s class is having a luau, and Sophie and her class get to go to Jump N Jungle and do all kids of fun stuff.  I’ll tell you all about their parties later…they haven’t happened yet. 
  • One more thing…Sophie gets to advance to Level One at her Ballet school.  She had to “perform” a test lat week, and she passed on to the next level.  We got the letter in the mail today.  She was so excited when I told her, she literally screamed.  She was really glad that her hard work paid off!  So, Congrats to Sophie!

I think that’s all she wrote.  Summer will be here soon!

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Preschool Program

Yesterday was Mitchell’s preschool program at school.  I have some pictures on the Flickr.  We also took some video, and as soon as I get my blog tutorial, I will somehow put it here.  Their little voices are all so adorable.  What a precious sound to hear children singing…I just love it!  It was so sweet, and yes, I cried.  I can’t believe how Mitchell has grown this year.  He never really crawled when he was a baby, and now he never walks.  He has one speed…FAST.  He is still my little baby boy, and he always will be.  I treasure the times when his switch turns to OFF, and he lets me hold him.  I cherish every time I get to read him a book, sing a song with him, and say his prayers with him.  Today made me realize how these days just go by way too fast.  Sophie will soon be finished with kindergarten and move on to the         BIG-ness of first grade.  She tells me she is ready.  Am I?  I think so.  Soccer, ballet, tea parties, ponies, piano playing and singing…the life of a 6 year old.  How fun!  She is so tender hearted.  I love that about her.  My children are precious to me, and I love them so.  

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