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Different Tastes

Yesterday was a long day, and I just picked up something on the way home from working in my classroom.  Sophie and Mitchell were eating different things, and Sophie decided she wanted to try what Mitchell was having.  She takes a bite out of his “hamburger with cheese”.  Then she proceeds to take a drink.  We all ask her if she liked it, thought it was good, etc.  She replies…it was okay…not my favorite.  Mitchell says…I love hamburgers with cheese.  Sophie…well, I guess I have different taste bugs than you.


July 30, 2008 at 9:11 am 2 comments

Just so I don’t forget those little feet

This is mainly one of those things that I am posting just so that I don’t forget.  Today I was upstairs, and Mitchell and Sophie were downstairs playing Wii.  I could hear them screaming with delight, and Sophie said to Mitchell.  “Hurry, fast!!  Go and get Mom!  Go as fast as your little feet can carry you!!!”  She had broken one of her records in baseball.  They were so excited, and they couldn’t wait to show me her new score.  Her little voice was priceless.  With all of the excitement they both had, you would have thought they had actually won a real silver medal.  Thank you, God, for letting them show me to appreciate EVERY exciting moment.

One more thing, the other night at dinner we were talking about nicknames.  Matthew always calls Mitchell his little man, Mitchell-Man, and the list could go on.  Then we started talking about nicknames for Sophie.  She has several as well.  Mitchell said, well you could just go by “ph”  We all just laughed because of all the ones we have heard that was definately one that we have not heard.    By the way, Sophie’s most common nickname is Sophie-Gofie.

June 19, 2008 at 9:58 am 1 comment

Any Chicken Jokes?

Okay, so the kids really think the “Why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes are really funny.  They love making them up, and I am really running out of creative guesses for why a chicken would cross a road.  They have two favorites that they made up that we hear quite often.

hers…Why did the chicken cross the road?   To get to Lubbock!  Then, much laughter…

his…Why did the chicken cross the road?  To go check on his little chicken babies!  He doe not say “chicks”, but “little chicken babies”.  Then, more laughter. 

If anyone knows more chicken jokes…send them on!  I can only hear the same joke so many times in one day.

June 4, 2008 at 8:32 am 2 comments

Sophie and her tooth

Sophie and her tooth

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It finally happened…Sophie “lost” her tooth. I picked her up at school today, and she had a small little space where her tooth once was. She was super excited. One of the kindergarten teachers pulled it about 12:30 this afternoon. Sophie told me that she was very brave. She (Sophie) has been pulling on that little tooth for a while now. Everyday she thought it was getting looser…apparently it was! She is wearing a sticker that proudly proclaims…I lost a tooth! She also got to put a tooth shaped sticker on the big tooth poster in her classroom. I guess the Tooth Fairy will be making a stop by our house tonight!! Way to go, Sophie!

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Today’s Comments

 Today at lunch Sophie, Mitchell and I were sitting eating our lunch just talking about Christmas.  Sophie said her favorite thing about Christmas was when everyone opened up the presents she gave them.  I thought that was so precious.  She really is so tender and sweet.  Mitchell said his favorite thing was opening up his Flo’s V-8 Cafe (Sophie’s gift to him) and his other stuff.  Then, he said…you know what Sophie.  This is my favorite day…when you and I play nice together all day long.  They have been getting along so well all of Christmas break.  Not that they don’t usually get along with each other, but they have really been “playing nice”.  I love to watch them play together.  They have such great imaginations.  They were upstairs camping today with their lanterns and talking about how the rooster woke them up.  Then they decided that a hippo was going to wake them up the next day.  Later they are farmers named Jason and Carol chasing dogs and cats around waiting to pick the sweet corn off the stalks.  Sophie to Mitchell…Jason you do not need any more dogs!  There is no way you are going to get another dog in here!  By the way in real life…we do not have a single dog.  They each got new CD’s for Christmas, so then the superstar in them decides to come out and sing.  I love their sweet little voices.  They practice “shows” and perform.  I love it.  I wonder what tomorrow holds for my little ones.  I can hardly wait! 

January 2, 2008 at 9:58 pm 1 comment

Comment of the Day

Sophie to us…her loving parents….You two are both totally weird!  I thought they weren’t supposed to feel that way at least until they were teenagers…at the earliest 10 years old.  She is 6!  We all laughed.  It did get me thinking…am I really a weird parent?  I know I am kind of different…but weird?!?!?!  Not that I am the cool super mom I envisioned myself to be, but weird?  I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who doesn’t have the “mom thing” figured out perfectly yet.  I try to do the best for my family each and every day… I am by no means perfect…far from it!!  I happen to like the mom I am becoming.  Notice I said becoming…I am a mom, but I am striving to be a better mom.  I think that being a mom  is the greatest gift/job/joy/blessing God has given to me.  I love being a mom to Sophie and Mitchell; I love them so much words can’t even begin to describe.  By the way…no comments…if you think I am weird!  🙂

December 20, 2007 at 7:02 pm 4 comments

What Mitchell Wants to Be

While driving down the road today we were talking about “when we grow up”.  In a previous post I mentioned that Sophie’s desire is to teach ballet.  Mitchell has decided that he wants to be a race car driver.  He then started appointing jobs for everyone in the family.  According to Mitchell…Matthew is going to “take off the tires that are broken and put new ones on…as fast as you can, Daddy.  You (daddy) will be a part of the pit crew!  Mama, you can be the Crew Chief.  And Sophie, you can ride in my back seat while I drive really really fast.”  Sophie did not like that idea at all; she immediately objected.  She kept trying to think of other ideas.  She decided that maybe she could “cheerlead” for Mitchell.  I think maybe I will hire her as the Assistant Crew Chief.  Mitchell already said he wants to be #88.  He wants a blue, black and yellow car.  At least we have 12 years until he gets his Driver’s license.  For a while he will just have to be content with his Hot Wheels and race tracks…and I think he is!

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