A not so fabulous testament to my cooking

Okay, I think I am going to be banned from the world of blogging, but we have been busy, fill in your own excuses here….anyway, our life has been full of all kinds of things.  So I am just going to pick up at a dinner conversation from the other night. 

Okay, so here was the conversation as the kids were setting the table for dinner the other night.

Sophie:  Mitchell, do you believe this is chicken?

Mitchell, as he is staring at his plate intently:  No, Sophie.  I do not believe this is chicken.

Were they in court? J

Sophie:  Me either.  Are you going to eat it?

Mitchell:  Yes, are you?

Sophie:  Mom said it was chicken, so I am going to try just a bite of it, but it looks gross!

Mitchell:  I agree; it does look gross.

They both ate it, and enjoyed it.  Mitchell had two helpings.  By the way it was King Ranch Chicken that I had cooked…yummy, especially on a cold day!  I will try to be better at blogging…Christmas break is coming up soon!  YAY!


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Happy Birthday, Sophie!

This post is one day late, but this is the first time I have had the chance to sit and collect my thoughts about her birthday yesterday.  Forgive me if they come out jumbled.  She turned 7 yesterday!!!  We did whatever she wanted all day long…she got to pick where we ate, what we did, just about everything about the day was all about Sophie!  Where has the time gone?!?!  It seemed like just yesterday the doctor said…would you like to have this baby tomorrow or the next day?  She was breech, so he had to do a c-section.  I just remember sitting there thinking…WHAT?  Um, which day should I go for…August 30th or 31st.  It was a Wednesday when he said that, and I thought…Friday seems good…that way I’ll get to go home on Labor Day Monday.  Thursday at the hospital was “booked”, so Friday it was.  Matthew and I went out to dinner the Thursday before she was born.  Our conversations had always been about the baby…but it was like…Wow, this time tomorrow we will have a baby!  It was a really exciting and anxious feeling.  Matthew even went to work for half a day on Friday.  We were living with my parents because our house was having remodeling issues, so we didn’t even get to bring her home to our house.  She didn’t mind!  🙂 
Seven years…she is the light of my world.  Her little laugh, the way she treats her brother, her voice singing, her feet dancing, her little hands coloring…one of her favorite things to do.  I love it all.  I cannot believe that God blessed me with this little girl to love.  I have so many dreams for her ( and Mitchell).  I want them to follow their dreams.  Sophie still wants to be a ballet teacher, and today Mitchell wants to be a race car driver.  The night before she was born, I didn’t sleep hardly any because my mind was too full of all kinds of thoughts.  I still have all kinds of hopes and thoughts for them…but most times I can sleep.  🙂 

Happy birthday to our little dancer, Sophie!!!  We love you!!!

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First day…a little late

So, we have started school.  Mitchell’s first day of Kindergarten was unbelievable.  He was so excited and ready to go.  Sophie could not wait to get to Trinity to see her friends from last year and start 1st Grade.  Matthew walked them in because I had my own class to meet and greet.  It was so weird to not drop off my kiddos; the only thing that kept me going was the thought that I would get to see both of them throughout the day.  What a perfect job!  After school that day I could not wait to find out how their days were.  The three of us sat on the floor of my classroom, in what we call our “family circle”, and talked about every detail of the day.  Mitchell had a “super, super, happy, happy” day.  Sophie’s day was great.  They both ate their lunches and made new friends.  It was the best first day of school.  I remember last year when we took Sophie to Kindergarten.  I cried almost the whole day.  Then, people told me it was worse with your youngest.  I was so dreading the first day of school.  I cried a couple of times while I was getting ready in the morning just thinking about the big step for Mitchell starting Kindergarten and Sophie entering the number grades.  Then, I quickly got over it when I remembered that I had to greet my little 4th graders and their parents.  It was such a great day.  I love teaching at a Christian school…my team and I started the day in prayer.  It was so amazing to feel at peace and know that I had made the right decision to go back to teaching.  I get to go to school with my children, minister to families, teach other children and be on a staff with other teachers that love Jesus.  I have to say it again…what a perfect job!  I have loved every day so far. Although, I must admit…I am exhausted and  ready for Saturday.  J  It’s going to be a great school year for all of us!!!

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Different Tastes

Yesterday was a long day, and I just picked up something on the way home from working in my classroom.  Sophie and Mitchell were eating different things, and Sophie decided she wanted to try what Mitchell was having.  She takes a bite out of his “hamburger with cheese”.  Then she proceeds to take a drink.  We all ask her if she liked it, thought it was good, etc.  She replies…it was okay…not my favorite.  Mitchell says…I love hamburgers with cheese.  Sophie…well, I guess I have different taste bugs than you.

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From 10 pounds to 48 pounds!

Today Mitchell turned 5.  He woke up at 6:30 this morning and was ready to go!  He has spent the day doing all kinds of fun stuff, and I have spent the day remembering this day 5 years ago.  I have almost cried several times during the day just thinking back.  He was born on a Monday, and for some reason that just makes today seem even more special…I’m not sure why.  Anyway, he had donuts for breakfast, then it was off for his 5-year Well-Child check.  The pediatrician said he is perfectly healthy!  He is 48 and 1/4 pounds and 44 inches tall.  He was current on all of his immunizations, so no shots!  Yay!  We came back home and opened up all of his gifts.  All he wanted was CARS, Hummers, and Wii stuff.  Then, we went swimming.  He and Sophie love to go swimming.  I used to enjoy it more…but now the shade is my friend!  Tonight he got to pick where he wanted to go to dinner and then dessert.  He wanted Joe’s Crab Shack and Cold Stone Creamery.  Who could argue with Cold Stone?!?  No one in our family!  I think he had a fun day.  I hope so. 

I thought all day about how big he is getting.  He will start school in the fall, and I just can hardly bear it!  Everyone teases me, but to me he will always be my newborn baby.  When he was first born, he was not a tiny little thing like other babies.  To me he was small…I mean he was still a newborn baby after all, but to others he looked like he was 2-3 months old.  People would ask me how old he was, and I would say however old he was….the reply was always….He’s SO big!!  Well…what do you say to that?  Thanks?  He came that way?  I got somewhat used to it…anyway…  Now, he is the big 5!  He loves to play like he is a dog and Sophie is his owner…odd, but funny!  He even has a name…Speck.  He likes to run “super fast”.  He wants to drive a Hummer, and he can spot an H2 or an H3.  He cracks me up with the things he says and does.  He loves to play tennis with his daddy and Sophie.  I love to watch Sophie and Mitchell play.  They are the joy in my life.  When he is sleeping I still see his baby face.  When he gets an owie, he still wants his mommy to kiss it.  He is starting to pray at dinner.  I love to hear him say his prayers at night (Sophie, too); I think it is the sweetest ever.  I know this was all about Mitchell, but it is his birthday, and he only turns five once!  Happy birthday, my little prince!

By the way…Sophie’s birthday is August 31, so although I do plan on posting before then…you can plan on a definite post on 8/31!  Hee Hee Hee!

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Just so I don’t forget those little feet

This is mainly one of those things that I am posting just so that I don’t forget.  Today I was upstairs, and Mitchell and Sophie were downstairs playing Wii.  I could hear them screaming with delight, and Sophie said to Mitchell.  “Hurry, fast!!  Go and get Mom!  Go as fast as your little feet can carry you!!!”  She had broken one of her records in baseball.  They were so excited, and they couldn’t wait to show me her new score.  Her little voice was priceless.  With all of the excitement they both had, you would have thought they had actually won a real silver medal.  Thank you, God, for letting them show me to appreciate EVERY exciting moment.

One more thing, the other night at dinner we were talking about nicknames.  Matthew always calls Mitchell his little man, Mitchell-Man, and the list could go on.  Then we started talking about nicknames for Sophie.  She has several as well.  Mitchell said, well you could just go by “ph”  We all just laughed because of all the ones we have heard that was definately one that we have not heard.    By the way, Sophie’s most common nickname is Sophie-Gofie.

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Any Chicken Jokes?

Okay, so the kids really think the “Why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes are really funny.  They love making them up, and I am really running out of creative guesses for why a chicken would cross a road.  They have two favorites that they made up that we hear quite often.

hers…Why did the chicken cross the road?   To get to Lubbock!  Then, much laughter…

his…Why did the chicken cross the road?  To go check on his little chicken babies!  He doe not say “chicks”, but “little chicken babies”.  Then, more laughter. 

If anyone knows more chicken jokes…send them on!  I can only hear the same joke so many times in one day.

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